Walk around Brussels in the company of Jacques

Our walk entitled "J'aime l'accent bruxellois" begins at Editions  Jacques Brel.

Jacques Brel takes you by the hand for a 2 hour 40 minute walk around the centre of Brussels, accompanied by his songs.

Follow the route as you listen to a narrative which dances amongst memories and emotions to the rhythm of songs in the streets of Brel’s Brussels.

An itinerary which conjures up his childhood, his encounter with Miche, whom he married in 1950, his family life, his friends, his feelings, his tastes, and his life as a lyricist, musician and performer.  Discover the places where his voice still echoes.

This ‘walk’ is produced and narrated by Miche and France and brings you many moments of closeness with Jacques as well as with those who knew him well and have fond memories of him.

The walk starts from the ‘J’aime les Belges’ exhibition and will lead you from the Grand Place to the Monnaie, from Place Sainte Catherine to the Ancienne Belgique, from taverns to restaurants, sharing secrets and dreams.

You will hear over 16 voices, be carried away by over 22 songs and discover more than 37 places around Brussels.


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