“ Ecrire des chansons, être comédien, faire de la mise en scène au cinéma, ce sont des travaux d’aspirine. ”

“Brel Parle”, interview, RTBF, 1971.

Brel the actor

Jacques Brel was always interested in cinema.

He was attracted by this form of writing.

He began his acting career in feature films, following his departure from the stage. 

He very quickly became fascinated by film.

He began a new career, started back at the beginning and rediscovered the humility of learning, just like at the start of his singing career.


Brel the director

Jacques became more and more interested in the technical side of film shoots and one day, he embarked on the adventure of directing.


But also…

Jacques appeared in several short films and a range of other presentations.

Finally, he produced several film soundtracks, often with François Rauber.

Brel the actor
Brel the director
And also...