« Le talent c’est avoir l’envie de faire quelque chose. »

“Brel Parle”, 1971

In December 2010, Miche Brel and her family set up a non-profit-making foundation to protect this heritage together with the large number of archives they have collected over the years.   
Jacques’ future is now at the heart of a process of passing on this artistic heritage which lives on, just like him, and the Fondation Jacques Brel will be the receptacle for this heritage.  
An inventory of the foundation’s archives will gradually be made available online and will be updated as documents are collected and indexed.
In its own way, each document displays Jacques’ desire and his talent and evokes the performer, the artist or the man himself, performs his repertoire and transmits, translates, expresses and illustrates the words and texts which once thrilled him, thus perpetuating this thrill.

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