The Foundation

In the interests of preserving the legacy both of the large number of archives collected within the association and of family documents, Miche Brel, France and their family decided to create a non-profit-making foundation which will be the guardian of this legacy.

The new Fondation Jacques Brel was created in spring 2011 and will pursue various totally impartial objectives, which are summarised in the foundation’s statutes:

•     to gather together, preserve and restore all documents relating to the work and life of Jacques Brel and to Jacques himself;
•     to ensure the perpetuity of these documents, to increase awareness of them and to facilitate their transmission;
•     to disseminate and develop knowledge regarding these archives and to make them accessible for non-profit-making, educational or scientific use, in accordance with terms to be specified.

In the event that third parties should donate original and unique documents to the foundation, its statutes forbid it from allowing access to them in the same way as to documents from the family legacy (except in exceptional circumstances).
In order to promote knowledge and broaden the dissemination of Jacques Brel’s work, the Fondation Jacques Brel also has the authority to create a catalogue raisonné of his works.  It will ensure that they are archived and classified and that they are made accessible to all those who are interested.