Who are we?

Pictures of Jacques Brel as well as his work, his performances and his name are all protected. Their use is subject to the authorisation of one or more entities, depending on the nature of your project and what you intend to use. You will find more details regarding how to obtain authorisation in Your project with BREL.


The aim of our explanations is to help you make the request process run more smoothly.  They are for information only and are of a general nature.  They do not take into account the sometimes complex details of each individual project.  We cannot guarantee to grant all requests.
Please be assured, however, that we shall consider each request carefully. You can help us in this by sending us as much information as possible.

In short, your points of contact, either directly or via our intermediary, depending on the case, will be, Editions Jacques Brel; the co-producers or other producers of Jacques’ songs (see list of titles); the group of Jacques Brel’s heirs, which manages mainly Jacques Brel’s moral rights; the (co-) composers of the songs included in the list of titles; rights management companies (Sabam in Belgium, Sacem in France,…); the owners of audio or video recordings of Jacques; the sources of Jacques’ interviews; photographers who have taken pictures of him; the non-profit-making Fondation Jacques Brel.

Editions Jacques Brel will endeavour to pass on your request to the appropriate people and, if necessary, will inform you if you need to contact anyone directly.  If you approach parties other than Editions Jacques Brel directly, please ensure that you remember to contact all those concerned, as it cannot be guaranteed that others will do this on your behalf!


Please provide as many details of your project as possible and, if you are asked to complete a form, please do so carefully.  This will help us to deal with your case effectively.

Finally, in most cases, we cannot consider any request for authorisation without having access to your work, even if this is still in the planning stages (eg. proposed soundtrack, synopsis, film extract, etc.), particularly if it concerns moral rights.