« Une chanson c’est toute une aventure. »

“Vedettes en pantoufles”, ORTF, 1961

Jacques Brel was a writer, composer and performer.
Very early on in life, he discovered words and made them sing.
 As a youth, he was already writing short stories, articles, lyrics and poems.
Jacques went through life, pen in hand, in search of other people’s dreams. He sang the arabesques of our souls, which he scrutinized with a tender and amazed eye.  He wrote all his own songs.   
 He was enchanted by music and it made him sing.  He listened to it constantly. 
He was moved and transported by its melodies and its harmonies.
Music accompanied him through his silences.
Jacques composed the music for most of his songs.
François Rauber, Gérard Jouannest and Jean Corti amongst others composed some of them for him or with him.
Jacques Brel blended words with music in a daring way.
He invented words, exaggerated meanings and ideas and created characters which he played with unequalled passion.
On stage, he brought to life his words and his heroes.
His whole body sang. 
Recall the first seconds of his songs:

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