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For over thirty years, people have been sending messages both to Jacques and in memory of him and also to all those who form a great family of emotion around the world.

Il nous faut regarder ce qu’il y a de beau…

The golden book in chronological order

Yeah, I agreed with Mr. Mark Isenberg. This site needs English improvements. So that users can easily understand their content and post their views here.

Sito molto interessante, anche se vi sono delle cose ancora non visualizzabili. Un saluto a tutti!

Just the greatest writer in "pop" who ever walked or crawled - his songs emasculate nearly everything else in the ballpark, and are the strongest of modern musics. Thanks, Jacques, for your living reminder of what great art sounds like - for painting in your bold, brilliant strokes..

Bonjour de Charlotte,
Your English site translation needs improvement as I am not seeing more of it. Some of us are not great French speakers or readers but Oui,Je t'aime la musiqued de Monsieur Brel. mark

The new website looks amazing! M. Brel's songs are beautiful and he will continue living through the people who listen to his music, whether it be through a cover or an original recording.

He sang with much passion and his songs are so distinctive that they will captivate new listeners through the ages - I'm proud to say I'm one of them! Although he is not too well known where I'm from, his presence is still felt through songs such as "Ne Me Quitte Pas."

I fell in love with his music about 2 years ago and he is my inspiration for me to start learning French!